-a home for the homeless-

Chinmaya Mission Kannur is a vibrant centre with various activities targeting all age groups and reaches out to people from different vocations and walks of life.

The Centres of Excellence, providing education and social service with a difference in Kannur.

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                 -a home for the homeless-

    Apart from the spreading the sublime knowledge of the Vedanta, reinvigorating Indian Culture and imparting 'Education with a difference' through educational institutions, Chinmaya Mission is also actively involved in social services focussing especially on the disadvantaged and the underprivileged. Hundreds and thousands of people benefit from the schools, colleges, hospitals, diagnostic centres, old age homes and rural village development projects run by the Mission.

    We live in a society where many children are deprived of a caring family environment. There are children who have lost their parents and care of families.  And too often these children are left without love, care, support, protection and education.

    Our new venture 'CHINMAYA BALANIKETHAN'-a home for the homeless-is to reach such deprived children in the society.

    "CHINMAYA BALANIKETHAN"- a home for the homeless-is a project.

  •     to accommodate 100 deprived children

                 (5yrs to 17 yrs) in a homely atmosphere

  •     to provide 20 independent cottages

  •     to accommodate 5 children and a house mother in each cottage.
  •     to provide a healthy family environment.
  •     to cater to their growing and varying needs
  •     to provide educational facilities.
  •     to provide facilities to develop and nurture their skills and talents
  •     to provide vocational training
  •     to assist them in getting jobs for self support

      We appeal to philanthropists, well wishers, business and industrial houses to join us to support this noble venture.

How can you be a partner in this project?

    Donating in your name/family/beloved one/institution


  1. Share the cost of a cottage( floor area 900 sp.ft)by donating a sum of Rs.5 lakhs
  2. Contribute to the accommodation of one child by offering a sum of Rs.1 lakh.


  1. Contribution of Rs.50,000/- to take care of the annual expenses for food,clothing and health care of two children
  2. Contribution of Rs.25,000/-to support one child for 1 year.


  1. Contribution of Rs.10,000/- to support school education of two children for 1 year.
  2. Contribution of Rs.5,000/- to support one child for 1 year.


  1.     Any amount to support the project.

    Mode of payment

        Donations can be made by cash/cheque/DD in favour of 'Chinmaya Mission Educational and Cultural Trust, Kannur' payable at Kannur and send the same to the address given below.

     Chinmaya Mission Educational and Cultural Trust,

    Chinmaya Balabhavan,

    Kannur 670001,    Kerala, India

        All donations to Chinmaya Mission Educational and Cultural Trust, Kannur qualify for exemption under sec.80 G of   the  Income Tax Act.